Oxo Good Grips 4-Inch Pizza Cutter Wheel

oxo good grips pizza cutter wheel

Whatever is needed should be spruced up for the purpose but most of the human endeavours missed this formula and they adopted regular knives for every purpose.

Here those means not pleased to specific tailor made food items and that too made the situation more complex like cheese, cream, sauce or what type of smother coating on the pie in order to garnish or add extra flavour that was slide off pizza.

So I am passing all time wider acceptability, deem fit, magic wand i.e., Oxo Good Grips Pizza Cutter Wheel for who toiled hard to tackle the mishaps.


4-inch circumference oxo pizza cutter is wrapping up thick rubber around its handle that incorporating flexible fins at the upper end and built-in safety-first die-cast zinc thumb guard, which are sheer necessity of solving labyrinthine problems such as making the protests of fingers against chopping, providing non-slip good grip and offering strength to thumb while supreme quality stainless steel hilt welded above the guard surface and circular disc linked with them by rivet, which is not teetering and do not apart in case skipped from your loose fingers with a thud.

Pizza Cutter Guide:

This sharpest weight wheel based blade has enough length from the hand and put an end to repeated mincing as well as bizarre bungling of stable deep dish flavor. In a nutshell it is being breaks new ground for chalk out mathematically as a chamfered pattern in totality of both thin and thick-crust homemade or shop bought pizza and pizza-inspired foods into unlimited slices in an ordered way like a deftly chef master with a investment of little effort.

No matter, toppings whether veg or non-veg that does not garnering in the middle of the cutting wheel. Its positive background of smart cut power indirectly themed "Look good feel better".

Frequently Asked Questions:

(1Q) Is it cater for other flat baked frozen food items?

Ans: Yes. This product unswerving supports in many other respects such as bread, quesadillas, finger sandwiches etc,.

(2Q) Is it true water drops stuck into the rubber handle at the time of washing?

Ans: Many users pointed out this bottleneck issue sorely upset. Hence we should not unconscious at this time. Otherwise dripping water spill over the pie when you swipe along the dough.

(3Q) Is there any shielding cover over the blade?

Ans: No. The whole setup is naked that will not be supported to use kids and growing menace of rust on the metal is yet another area of concern. In this pursuit, proper care is must and should.

(4Q) Is it take large space in the drawer?

Ans: Yes. But end of the pole has a hole. Therefore, do not plagued you.

(5Q) how to sharpen hem after dull?

Ans: 360° rotatory bevel cutter wheel edges dulling after 60 to 80 cuts but easily polish with various sharpening gadgets and lot of videos also adhered to educate us in a easy way.

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This smooth functioning blade not razor sharp but essaying outpace role than countless cloning of the models including kitchen shears. We not seen before such type of hard to beat large pizza cutter.

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